Saturday, September 17, 2011

Results of the Mad Rush.

Well...I have been a busy person this past week.

Finished my stump stool/table/whatever you want it to be...
See Zippy in the bark?
I rarely make something for myself and I really will like and use this stool. 
I also want to make some larger chairs for my fire pit area otherwise known as 

A very large Amanita mushroom.
Also known as a Death Cap.  
Very poisonous. not touch or eat.

Check out the color on this little beauty!

This is a little road through the woods that I have been walking to 
visit my neighbor that has been injured.  
A nice little walk with all of the wonderful wild flowers that are blooming.

So many interesting mushrooms around lately. 

This one "cracked" me up a bit.  

I have been taking Zippy on some nice long walks and he is really 
enjoying this cooler weather we are having.

Love this Iron Weed.  
The locals also call it devils poker.
Such a beautiful color especially next to the bright yellow Ragweed.

Another shot on the way to my neighbor's house. 

That is LTM's place.

 The multi use stump stool.

This is a little (really large) planter that I have been working on.

Trying to polish my bark carving and wood texturing skills.

Another planter.  

Both planters together.

I really like the way these turned out.

Another fountain that I am working on.  
Still need to stain and seal this.

I like showing the different stages of things. 
A progression.

I was trying to show a little more "movement" with the positioning of the stumps 
and leaves.

Little miss Smudge is really growing this week!
She is starting to look more mature
and lady like.

I am now at a bit of a standstill with concrete...
we have a little cold front passing through.
Mid 40s here right now.  

Not sure that I am ready for it.

Even the girls are covered and shivering. 

A parting Smudge shot. 

Wish me luck folks...
Little Ollie the mini mule has been having some problems.
His stifle locked up and he could not move his rear leg properly.
He finally got it working again and now he is lame in his left front.  
Getting ready to go out and work on him.   Not quite sure what is going on.
He is not easy to work with as he is quite a renegade.  


  1. It's funny you mentioned that about the mushrooms, Jill- I've seen a few strange ones around here lately too.
    I LOVE your creations! They are wonderful.
    Little Smudgie is so precious... give her a hug from me and Lily.

  2. Jill, I love your blog! you are truly a gifted photographer and artist in so many ways. The planters are fantastic. And Smudge is just too cute for words!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs to you and Brian.


  3. Jill - your work is amazing! I love that fountain. Hope Little Ollie is ok and Smudge is looking like a little lady. Give her a kiss for me.

  4. Your concrete sculptures are just beautiful! Love them!
    Mom thinks that mushrooms are just as pretty as flowers are. She says they're works of art!
    Paws are crossed for Little Ollie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Great pictures! Can't believe how much Smudge is changing. And I love your concrete creations!

  6. WEll I am not sure why you would ask for my help with little Smudge, I mean, come on, if that isn't the face of a perfect little baby, then I've never seen one.

    I agree with the others, I love your work. My Vickie wants the fountain so bad her teeth ache.

    You live in cush ab eautiful place. WE love to look at the photo's you take such wonderful ones.

    HOpe Little Ollie is ok. Keep us posted.


  7. First, what the heck is going on this year? Hope Ollie is doing better. Love all your stools, fountains, dogs, pumpkins, flowers, paths and everything else. How is your neighbor doing? Please give her my best. You must be so in awe of your little Smudge. What a honey.

  8. I think that I used the word "little" just a little too much in that post.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my concrete!

    Lori-I know...this has been a tough summer with the animals..not to mention my neighbor..who goes back to the hospital on Monday for another surgery. I just don't get it. I will let MA know you asked about her. We have been giving Ollie some Bute per the vets suggestion and getting ready to go work on him again.

  9. Your concrete creations look great! I can tell you study nature intimately to make such wonderfully realistic pieces. Maybe one day I will get an opportunity learn faux bois.

    That's a neat way to get to your friend's house. I love a walk in the woods. Smudge is a cutie!