Monday, August 6, 2012

Pond monsters and pumpkins.

A very very rare (well..not really) look at the 
Smudge-Ness monster. 
Swamp Thing
She had just had a bath.....

This is Sparky the pumpkin and her growth over the past week or so.
She has been gaining anywhere from 16-20lb. per day.  
I have high hopes for Sparky.
She is named after Sparky The Gourd Lady.

Here she is in her infancy.  
Disregard that angry model....she was mad because I asked her
(very nicely, I might add) to leave the pumpkin alone.

Sparky gaining ground.

Getting bigger...

This is around the time that my main pumpkin model started to give me more attitude.
Closing her eyes at just the wrong moment and standing right in front of Sparky.

Hey.....Smudge..turn around so that we can see your smiling face.

Come on...I will give you a biscuit.....


This is much, much better.  

I will just have to revert to my stand-in model...Zippy The Destroyer of Toys.

Just look at that!  What a great model he is.....
By the can find Zippy in the 2013 Pet Prints Standard Breed 
Bull Terrier calendar. Photo taken by Close Encounters of the Furry Kind. 
Zippy is a professional model.  He has even been on the cover and centerfold of 
Dog World magazine.  Of course he never lets any of that go to his head...

Well...maybe he does...
Zippy would not get out of bed on this morning for his photo shoot. 
So....I used my coffee cup.  

I guess that I will have to revert back to my original model..
I don't know if you can tell in this shot, but Smudge was stung by a stinging insect of some 
sort and her face and nose are really swollen.  

This is the same day....after we got back from yet another vet visit. 
This is also after the swelling had gone down.
She was having difficulty breathing, and I had to rush her in to see our wonderful vet.
With the epilepsy medications that she is on, I was unsure of what to use to stop the swelling.
Luckily it went down very quickly.
Two days later....we were at the vet again for seizures.  
I could not get them to stop and had to take her in for observation.
I gave her one Valium immediately after the first seizure and then another an hour later to get them 
to stop.  It was scary and I am so glad that my vet was there to help us.  
We have now added Potassium Bromide to Smudge's list of medications. 
I am hoping that it will help.
We will also be going in for a CT scan as soon as monetarily possible.
Before this episode, it had been 20 days since her last seizure.

Hey....does this pumpkin make my butt look big?  
Ha ha ha..

Her Smudgeness...

Smudge stole Oracle's Jolly Ball the other day and has really been enjoying it.

She was upset in this shot because her bone was stuck under the chair. 

Really loving the Jolly Ball

The front garden is looking very nice this year.
Except for the smallness of everything and the Viburnum that was 
burned by the late freeze that we had....Better than I thought it would look though.

Miss May the donkey....such a sweet girl.

Danza....she is a little camera shy.

I can't tell you how much we are really enjoying our new deck railing.
It has been great in keeping the dogs out of trouble.
One dog in particular....

Zippy and Smudge.
Screen damage by Merle.
The cat uses it for a cat door.  

My last spiral planter.

Zippy standing with his concrete dog head.
Surprisingly he does not bark at this one.  

Another view of the front garden.

This is the first spiral birdbath that I made.
I made it a bit too deep for the stand that it was going to fit into.
So....I kept it. 

I am going to make more of these with a matching stand. 

This is the second one.
It fit much better.  
This was a commission and the stand was one that the client had and loved.
The basin that was in it broke and she needed a replacement. 

Have a great week everyone!!  


  1. So sorry to hear Smudge continues to have seizures! I hope she improves!

    Love Zippy's head!!

  2. Sorry to hear of Smudge's seizures. She is too cute from the front & the back!! LOL. My dogs LOVE a jolly ball. Love it to death actually. Ours no longer have handles. Zippy is truly a MARVELOUS model!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  3. Darn, Jill, I though Smudge had almost outgrown the seizures!! Of course, Zippy, the wonder dog has always been my fav...I could tell he was full of himself! I'm drooling over your front's awesome!...:)JP

  4. Smudge you are hilarious. We have all our feets crossed those seizure monsters will go away. Our mom would be terrified. Zippy we will check out your calendar. And mom we love your work
    Benny & Lily

  5. We think Smudge just didn't want to share the limelight with a Pumpkin--no matter how big it is.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. you know, that pumpkin does make Smudge look rather svelte. : ) Love seeing her and Zippy and the other family members - hope the sadness from Gus' unexpected departure is lessening. Your garden and the bird baths are beautiful!!

  7. Bummer, Smudge. We hate hearing that you've had yet another seizure :-(
    Your gardens are beautiful and so are the bird baths - both of them.

  8. Jill, this was a great post! And I LOVE Smudge and Zippy and of course ALL the other critters!
    You know you could win a prize for that pumpkin if it continues to grow like it is?! Here in Nova Scotia a certain man (now deceased)grew very big ones....check him out by googling his name...Howard Dill.
    Have a great day.

  9. Miss Smudge!! No more seizures!! We'll keep our paws crossed for you.

    -Bart and Ruby