Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm Back....

Don't be frightened.
It's me.
I know folks must think that I have lost interest in my blog....nope...
just been working hard (Spring furniture market) and trying my best to keep a up.
I have also started a new artistic "hobby".  
I am going to learn stained glass and my sweet (don't tell him that I called him sweet) buddy Jak Brewer is going to teach me.  
Plus...I was also recently introduced to mosaics.  Oh I can use the 
scraps from one hobby to create with the other hobby.  Hahaha.
I am also going to be posting photos from March in this issue of Jill's Life. 
Just a little catching up.  So don't be alarmed by the cold looking photos.

I could have gone back to Feb....but I thought all of the frost and snow would scare people.
Which brings me to a subject that amuses me.

I like snow and cold weather...well...only if I am dressed for it. 

It amuses me that people get so ticked off over it.
Granted many people have been pounded by LOTS of snow this year....
We really didn't have that much....I missed it. 
I think that it is beautiful. 

It is also very beneficial as many in my region have just discovered.
We had 19 degrees and high wind with no snow recently and let's just say...that the newly emerging 
plants did not fare so well.  
If we had snow to cover the plants...they would have done much better.  

So...wait...that makes me mad because we didn't have
Hmmmmm....I guess that I DO get mad at the weather.
Oh no!!!  
What am I going to do????
I DO get mad at it...
Well...strike all of that stuff I just wrote.

What am I going to do???
All of this time I laughed at the weather am one of them...
Oh my...

Woody Woodpecker.

Snow love.

More snow love.  

On to a new subject...
Zippy looking happy in front of our neighbor's sign.  

Mr. Suave Zippy.  

March photo, but it still looks this April....thanks to that 
19 degree day...without snow cover.
Oh no...more weather hate.   

This looked like a turtle head to me. 

Otis Kicking up his heels after being in the "big barn" for the night.

Some neat nails in a dead tree.

I call this octopus tree.

Zippy and Old Burl Face.

Zippy and the Wizard tree.

Scary rabbit tree.

I think that I have been in the woods for too long...
I am naming the trees....
Sometimes I even talk to them...Hahaha.

Miss May with a frosty mane.
Really just half of a mane...the mules have been chewing on her.  

Sweet Smudge.  

She has been having more frequent seizures and we are going in for a check-up soon.  
Hopefully we can make some med changes that will help.  
She is a happy girl regardless.  Full of life and love.
We have good days....we have bad...we just go with it. 

Mr. Jimmy the bluebird.  

He was at my neighbor's house with his wife, Lola. 

They were admiring  themselves in the window.  

This is Lola.

Mr. Jimmy

"Jimmy.....quit looking at yourself and go find some worms!"

Pretty sky.

This is Gorilla Burl...he is a real character.  

Love the shape of this tree.

Another new little hobby while walking the dog....rock balancing.
It is fun...the wind knocks them over in seconds sometimes.  

More beautiful snow.

Zippy on top of the world. 

Zippy says....don't worry about the will all be okay....Be happy to be alive and............ give me a biscuit.  

Stay tuned for another lovely blog post...for April.  
Coming soon to a computer near you.  


  1. I love your world Jill! (And IMO you can't spend too much time in the woods-- impossible!) Great pics! Looking forward to more. :)

  2. You sure take some beautiful photos!

  3. We can't wait to see your stained glass projects! You always take the most beautiful photos!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly