Monday, December 6, 2010

Ho Ho Snow and another painting.

This was taken on Saturday when the snow first started falling.  
It was a wonderful day with little wind and it was quite warm.  
In the 30s.

The barn quilt in the snow. 
I love the brightness of the color next to the snow. 
I need to get another one when the ground is a little more covered.  

Otis the wild mini mule.

The mules LOVE the snow.   I can imagine that it does feel really good to them.  
Their coats are very thick.   They will stand out in it for hours.  
 May the donkey would rather be inside. 

Look at that sweet face! 

My stump planter with a snowy dog face.

I thought the owl sculpture was cute.
It looks as if Mr. Owl has a cape and hat on.

Horses waiting to be let in.  


Oracle bugging Eco.  

This was taken Sunday.  
We had about 10 inches by then.  Luckily the wind was not that bad. 
Still warm.  In the 20s.  

Elk Knob holding onto the snow clouds.

This sun was nice, but it did not last long. 

Poor little Bumble was having a difficult time plowing through.  

Zippy on the other hand, was zipping around like it was nothing.  

I loved the way the shadow of my gate looked on the snow! 

This little guy found his way into the house. 
 I think he followed me in when I checked on the horses.


Hey where did everyone go???

Wait for me......

Eco having a snack.  

This was taken Sunday afternoon.  
The sun had disappeared and the snow was falling again.  

Otis was having a great time zooming around.  

Gus enjoying a little dusting!  

What I did when I was not shoveling snow.  

Elk Knob and the barn with the barn quilt. 

This afternoon (Monday).  
It was 12 degrees and very very windy.
Not my favorite.  Hard to breath when the wind is blowing snow down your nostrils.
There is supposed to be a rock wall under that owl.  

The wind was blowing so hard that May would not come out of the barn. 
I can't say that I blame her.  

This is what the wind was doing to all of that beautiful snow. 

Gus was trying to find the three stairs that come onto the deck.  
Hopefully it will warm up a little tomorrow....Ha.  
Even Larry the Magnificent stayed inside today.  


  1. The photos are all great, especially the
    "Tasmanian" mules tearing around like they actually have good sense! Doesn't it seem like it all came too early this year? Guess there's not much we can do about it, but try to enjoy it. I feel like your donkey, May ... sometimes I just want to stay inside and pretend that it all isn't happening out there.
    btw ...thanks for the Terrier tips.

  2. I think that I'm with May. The barn looks much more comfortable in all that cold white stuff.

  3. Your weather is not all that different from ours. Loved the pictures of Otis running in the snow...and your painting is great. I can't get my act together in the art department. Your gate and sculptures would fit right in here! Beautiful work.

  4. BEAUTIFUL pictures. The snow looks so purrty. Oh Bumble, you better hop on horseys back
    Benny & Lily

  5. It looks like you live in heaven on earth! It is so absolutely beautiful there.
    Poor little Bumble, the snow looks like it's as tall as you!
    You have such pretty creatures. Even that little bat is a cutie.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    -Sara & Weezer

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love the gate and shadow one especially.

  7. So beautiful. EAch and every picture is a painting and then your painting---it’s just gorgeous and I love the colors you used. Your gate is wonderful. I love that gate :)

  8. Otis is looking very adorable in his snow coat! The new painting is fantastic. I love the way the barn quilt stands out in the snow, too.