Thursday, December 2, 2010

Picking out a Christmas tree!

Hi Folks! 

Time to pick out a Christmas tree.  

I am here with my friend Gus to choose the proper tree. 
The tree has to be just right.  

Ho ho ho..... I see Grammy and Grampa coming down the lane. 
They must need help getting a tree.

Trees here and trees there.  
This is going to be a difficult task!

I am surrounded.  

Oh no!!

Look at all of these things.  
 Gus get over here and help me pick out which tree to choose.

How about this one Bumble?

Let me check it out Gus....
sniff sniff sniff....
Gus!!  Did you pee on the tree???!!!
Now we are going to have to pick out another one!  


This one is much better!  
Gus!  Stay away from this one!   

Hey Grammy!  
I picked a tree out for you! 

Thanks Bumble!

I will get Grumpypa to take it home in the Gator. 

Whew.....that was tough!

I am glad it is over.

Time to go home and decorate that tree!!! 

Hey!  You can see my reflection.

Wish I were driving.  

The End...

Hey check out how long my legs are!  
Hey dogs wait for me.  

This is how our grass has been for the past couple of days.  

Latest painting.  

A scene from the neighborhood. 

Here is the little angel in lights.

I like the way her tongue is illuminated.

Hey...why are you doing this to me???


A sundog that appeared today.

It is a little washed out, but still there.  

See this little sweet innocent face?

You would think that she could do no wrong.
That she is just an angel. 
Made for hugging and loving......

I really do not like where this is going........

Don't believe everything that you read. 

I am not going to listen......

Okay.....Bumble, I am going to tell everyone what you did.
This sweet looking little devil chewed a hole in my Ugg boots.
My favorite and most comfortable boots ever!!!!  

Well...she should not have left them out where they would tempt me!

You are (Probably) right Bumble.

A little dusting of snow.  


  1. Oh Bumble that's why my favorite toy is a tiny little pink Ugg stuffie, BOL. Mom probably planned it in hopes Sandy Paws would bring her new Uggs for Christmas. We know the tricks. Anyways you sure were a big help picking out the best tree angel, BOL. Great pictures
    Benny & Lily

  2. Jill...great photos. I love your newest painting and am WILD about the shots of the little angel in lights. What a Christmas card.

  3. Momma learned that lesson about leaving stuff out a long time ago. Daddy has still not learned though! Love the angel in lights!


  4. What a wonderful post. Do you all grow your own trees? That would be so great. Bumble is such a good tree picker and he looks so good in the lights. I bet the boots were tasty :)

  5. oh dear - HOW am I going to be able to resist calling Fred "Grumpypa" when I see him?! too funny! And another great one from you - thanks!!

  6. Oh Bumble, I thought you were beyond such behavior. Sigh. Millicent our Weiner-terrier has been on a roll of bad behavior, too. We'd give her a lump of coal form Christmas, except she'd find a way to have FUN with it. Neat holiday lighting on your tongue!