Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun with lights and an award.

Smudge has decided that she loves the Christmas tree.  
Constantly spinning the nice, plastic ornament that I left in her reach.  
Such a curious little thing.

Ha ha ha....

I think that Smudge has decided just to go along with my antics.  

Notice I have the antlers standing straight up.
They should be more like.....


Much better.

Ho hum.....I may as well just give in.....

A deer.  

Actually just Zippy going to work in the shop with me.  

Just for fun....I made this head.
I have a painting that is based on the same theme.  
I thought that they would look neat hung side by side.  

I really had a fun time making this.  
I want to get a collar for it with a tag that says..

I wanted the texture to be pretty rough. 

I had to keep the ears pretty thick, for fear of the them breaking off.

The wet spots are from Smudge meeting and greeting her new friend.

"Mum" tattoo.  

Skull and crossbones on the "wood" part.

Smudge...maybe you can actually play with the concrete Zippy.  

My new thing.
Motivational messages in concrete.

Smudge decorated her crate for Christmas.  

I think she wants to make sure her packages arrive  safely.

Snoozing away making her little bulldog noises (and smells). 

Oh no!!!  She sees me.

Don't worry Smudge...I will not mess up your decor. 

Seriously...don't be angry...I just wanted to share your beautiful decorations with everyone.


My friend LeeAnn awarded me the Liebster Blog award.  LeeAnn has a beautiful blog about her life in Savannah, GA and posts about her own personal growth experiences.  I really enjoy reading her blog and always get a very peaceful feeling reading her posts.  She also has a most wonderful Bulldog named Gracie.  I was trying to decide who to pass on the award to and came across a post by the Heartbeats.  One of their followers (Kissa-Bull)  just lost 5 of her dogs to a house fire.  A very sad situation and I hope that by passing this on to the Heartbeats that folks can help to ease the pain at the Kissa-Bull blog by possibly sending them a message of condolence.  I know that when we lost Bumble all of the folks that wrote me really helped me get through the pain.  A little kindness goes a long way.   A wink to LeeAnn as that is exactly what her last post was about.  

The responsibilities of the Liebster Blog award are (1) To thank the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.  (2) reveal your top five picks, with less than 200 readers, and let them know (3) copy and paste the award on your blog.  (4) Hope that the person giving it to you will keep it moving forward.  


  1. Loving concrete Zippy. but isn't Smudge jealous she doesn't have a concrete clone?

  2. You did a great job on Zippy's bust, Jill! Wish you could teach me a thing or two...:)JP

  3. Jill! You create such magic in your work and photographs. I'm just about ready to get out some Christmas lights so I can try this!

    Hope you and your family (of course that includes your 4 legged family too) are enjoying the season and will have a very happy new year! I have really loved following you around! Smudge and Zippy must make your day.

  4. Love the Zippy head! Jill - your art is truly incredible. Thanks for the kind words. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - we are headed up on Sunday and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love Zippy all lit up in the first picture. What a great 'bust' of the Zipster....looks fantastic.

    And that Smudge, what can you say but cute.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Roxy & Bella

    Congrats on the award! Oh and have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. You and Zippy make adorable reindeer, Smudge! Your mom is so talented with her concrete art!
    Merry Christmas! We hope Santa is good to you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Thank you for the award! I will post about it next week. Merry Christmas!

    The Heartbeats

  8. Now that's my kind of "inspirational" message! I can't wait to see Smudge dressed up as the New Year baby!

  9. I'm here via LeeAnn. Smudge is so full of personality, I can see why she is adored. And I love "Misunderstood". What a great piece! I thought it was made of wood! Really, really well done.

  10. Hi Jill Wee are way behind in our blogging, so glad I got to yours. I love
    'misunderstood" but that is no surprise, I love all your work. Smudge and the antlers are too funny, especially with him going down the road.

    I hhope you had a great Christmas, the decorations and lights were wonderful. What characters you have.

    Happy new Year
    Bert's My Vickie

  11. We posted about the award. Thanks so much!

    The Heartbeats