Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun with Smudge.

This past week has really been a busy one.  
I am trying to get a bunch of concrete finished for a special project.  
I will tell you what the project is in about a week. 
He he he he...

In the meantime...
I am decorating Smudge for Christmas.  

I just could not take it...I had to get out the lights and get a picture.  

She looks very subdued and sweet in these pictures.
Totally opposite of her true personality. 
Ha ha..

She is SOOOOOO happy to pose for these pictures.

It looks like she had an "idea" in this one.  
A light bulb right on her head.  

Little Otis bringing some Muletide Cheer.

We had a 3+ inch snow this past week.
Smudge really loved it.

A cute video of Smudge in the snow.

Zippy and I took a walk and got this wonderful shot of 
(of course)
Elk Knob State Park.
So pretty.

It was actually cold enough for Zippy to wear his coat.

Another mushroom update.
The mushrooms are actually STILL doing their thing.
Hard to believe with the snow and cold weather.

Excuse me.....
Which way do I go????
Over here?
Over there?

Hi folks....I have just about had enough of this!!!

Someone please send help to my mom.

I promise not to chew any more furniture.

Oh look so cute in your hat!!!

Just grin and bear it.

That's easy for you to say....
You don't have to wear this embarrassing getup.

HA!!  Calm down Smudge.  Just wait until I get out the Mrs. Clause outfit.
You are going to look so sweet.....

Oh crap!!!
I am outta here!!!!
See you guys next summer!!!

I am so embarrassed.  
Please, Please, Please, send help.

Help me get this thing off!




I guess that I will just have to take matters into my own paws.

See you guys next week!!!
Without this dress!

I painted this picture for a friend.  
The dog in the painting is a rescue Bull Terrier named Little Bit.
She had a very difficult start in life and is now in a great home.
So glad that she is on the mend.  
Remember your local rescues and shelters during the holiday season. 


  1. Smudge you are growing right before our very eyes...all this torture just means they love you to bits.
    Benny & Lily

  2. I'm afraid of what Latte would find to roll in. She's pretty good at making her opinion pretty clear.

    I love the painting! The colors in your paintings make my mouth water. I almost said "drool" but that didn't sound very sophisticated.

  3. Poor Smudge....holidays can be a bugger for us dogs. Always having to dress up. At least she has the snow to enjoy.

    Love the painting of Little Bit!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  4. You are totally making us smile, Smudge! You look so pretty all lit up!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. You painted that?!? Incredible! It's gorgeous!

    We always get our dogs from shelters :-)

    Smudge looks like she's wearing a ring of fire!

  6. Who could ever get tired of looking at pictures of Smudge? She has to be the best model ever. A coffee table book is in order!

  7. is a dahlink rolling in that snow on the deck...slideys much just grin and bare it with Momsy...she has to get it outta her system....Cheers!

  8. What a fun post! It is so much fun to see a puppy in the snow, especially the first one.

  9. oh my goodness - Smudge is hilarious. I feel like I know her through your blog. My favorite picture is of her nose to nose with Otis. What a life she has!! Also, Jill your painting is incredible - you have so much talent!! And what a great reminder about our local shelters. Have a great weekend!