Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A new concrete piece and SNOW!!

I have been working on a new thing....
This is a wall sconce.
It has a flat back to fit nicely against the wall and a half round front.
It has large chunks of glass in it.
I have a wonderful friend that has retired from glass blowing and
he was very generous to give me his scrap chunks of glass that he used to melt down. 
This is a prototype for me to see if the glass would work in some of the concrete that I make.
Also to see if I could embed it so that it would have light coming from behind. 
This photo is before staining.

This tree is trying to hold onto a cloud.  
Ha ha ha..

We have had some unusually warm weather..
At least about a week ago we had unusually warm weather.

I had lunch with a friend and he gave me a wonderful gift made by 
Jennifer Stas.  I somehow failed to take a photo of the 
beautiful pottery clock that she made...stay tuned...I will post that next post. 
In the bottom of the gift bag was this adorable picture that Jennifer drew!

Here is the sconce with light coming through the glass...

Another shot.
The glass colors are absolutely gorgeous and I hope to incorporate much more of
it in my work.  

Smudge next to the icy pond.

She has really enjoyed that warm weather.

Just playing around and getting muddy.

Just for fun.....I am going to cover this paper mache Bull Terrier with concrete.

I started making this years ago and had to put it away, because Zippy kept trying to 
eat it.  Smudge looks a bit worried. 

Those ears.....

Those teeth...

Right after this shot, she overshot the ball and did a bit of a flip.

Of course....I missed getting that on camera.

Trying out her best bulldog pose.

A few days ago...I was out walking Zippy and this happened.
I was so upset because I had the wrong lens on my camera..
I had the telephoto lens on and could not get a good wide shot.

I had to compromise and take a bunch of "small" shots.

It was one of the prettiest sunsets that I have ever seen. 

This color to the west.

This color to the east.  

All sorts of colors in between.

So, so beautiful...

Slightly muddy.
This is what happens when it warms up during winter.
MUD....I hate mud.  

Another pretty sunset.

Zippy enjoying a romp through the woods.

Warm enough to bask in the sun on the deck...

Smudge loves to bask.

Zippy after rolling in deer poop.

He loves to do that.

More sconce photos after sealing.

Can you tell that I am excited about the glass!  

Just one more....

Muddy horses......

Mud?  I don't see any mud.....
No....I wasn't digging up cat poop.
Really....what makes you think I did that???

Ha ha ha..

So.....It went from 60+ degrees to this in one afternoon. 

We got 10-12" of snow between 3:00 and 10:00.

Smudge is so talented that she can balance giant snowballs on her nose. 

The next day......

Luckily..we had very little wind with this storm.

Smudge jumped for joy.

Otis putting on another show.

Zippy Zipping.


Oracle loves the snow too...

He is so goofy..

I barely caught this as I was walking down the drive with Smudge.

Don't worry....you are almost to the end of this very photo intense post.

Carrying a little extra snow on her nose.

I almost lost her in this shot! 

This is me...Ha ha ha..the one on the left.
Hanging out with my vulture friend.  He has a drippy nose.  
We were comparing beaks.  

Just a few more......

Almost there....

Zippy jumping over a deep snow drift.  
Also jumping for joy....because you have made it to the end...

Whew.....THE END!  


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  2. Gosh how gorgeous!! Love the way Smudge is smelling fake Zippys butt, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Your sconce with the hand-blown glass is fabulous!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Gorgeous as always! Love the sconces! Love the animals in the snow especially the action shots!

    mamma heartbeat

  5. Hey Jill...sconce is simply magnificent! Keep up the good work. And you can never post too many pix from Paradise!

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