Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow and a little bit on Canine Epilepsy

Smudge has been having a rough time lately.  
I am very happy to report that she is fine today, but yesterday and the day 
before she had several seizures.
One good thing is that before this episode, she was 33 days seizure free.  
Living with epilepsy is tough sometimes. 
She is on the mend today and playing happily at my feet. 

Living with an epileptic dog is interesting and challenging.
There are many resources on Canine Epilepsy and this site has helped me a great deal.

If you happen to have a dog that has seizures, this is a great place to start. 
The folks here are very helpful and will guide you in the right direction. 

We have had some really nice snow lately.

Cypress tree in the front yard.
I love this tree.
It has a very nice shape and the trunk is starting to really thicken.
We planted it about 8 years ago.

Our rooster looking a bit chilled.

May is not so happy about this snow.

One of my concrete chairs covered.
Ignore that dilapidated arbor in the background.
I will say that it does add texture.
You can also see where the deer have eaten my Hinoki Cypress.
It is the sad little evergreen to the far left.

Loved the Christmas trees in the snow.

I started taking pictures of icicles and couldn't stop.

They are so beautiful.

I couldn't get as close to these.
Oh...and about 3 or 4 minutes later all of that snow fell off of the roof.
Glad I wasn't standing there when that happened! 

Smudge LOVES this snow.

Here she is.....levitating her snowball.
It really takes lots of concentration and patience.

Playing with her levitated snowball. 

Oh no!!!  I think she ate it!!!

Share the Journey!  

The snow does make it hard for the wildlife to get food.
That is.....until they find my back yard gardens....

Oh yes....Smudge LOVES the snow.

Following deer tracks.

A little pond in the "neighborhood".  

This is what Smudge looks like when she is being defiant.
I had just told her NOT to step onto that ice....Of course she stepped on it.
Don't worry was just a small puddle.

The birds should be ready for spring.
I made a concrete sign to welcome them. 
(It is at the bottom of the stump)

This is an attempt to jump over a snow bank.  
She crashed...

Super Zippy to the rescue....
Maybe he is just off to destroy some toys.


Off to fight crimes and rid the woods of vermin.

Or...maybe just to gaze at the sunset.


It took this shot and had no idea that Zippy was standing in the brush.
(Look to the the middle of the rocks)

So.....It was 15 degrees and windy.
Smudge wanted to go for her walk and I made her wear this coat.
She was NOT happy.
It was Zippy's coat and a bit too big. 
I could not find her coat.

She tried every way possible to scrape it off.

So beautiful!!

Pastel colors...

The clouds rolling over the mountains.

So quiet and peaceful.

A picture to make you laugh or smile.  

We were in between snowstorms here.

Zippy searching for vermin....
Saving the world one mouse at a time.

Just as the bit of light hit the top of Elk Knob....and I was taking this shot...
of course, Zippy walks up and pees on the grass. 
Just my luck.

Going to visit the neighbors...

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Oh no!!!
Run vermin, Run!!

A natural snow heart. 

My, what big eyes you have....

Super Zippy wearing his crime fighting outfit.

I know...Zippy...I am doing my best.
He gets mad when I stop to take pictures.
I am coming!!!

Okay, okay....
Just one more...
Ha ha ha..


  1. Love, love, love them! It's always so much fun up at the Smith house! So sorry to hear that Miss Smudge has had a couple rough days. I hope that she is feeling like her perky self again today.

  2. Great photos. Love Smudge in the coat. We don't like clothes either.

    here's to another long seizure free time.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & roxy

  3. Love all your shots...lots of snow and Smudge and Zip look adorable.

  4. What great photos!! I'm sorry about Smudge's seizures, having had a dog that had them too, I know the uncertainty that you feel, and am glad that you're find great support--It really does make a difference, just like your beautiful snow! :-)

  5. What great shots! Oh Smudge poor baby. We are sending you lots of hugs. You look so cute romping in all that beautiful snow
    Benny & Lily

  6. Your world is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. Your pictures are always soooooooooooo gorgeous!
    I refuse to wear a coat and Molly has never had the pleasure of wearing one...yet!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Beautiful! Add to that a bit of humor and you have a wonderful combination. I'm sorry about Smudge's seizures. It does bring uncertainty and worry but you are doing such a good job at giving Smudge a great life despite the health issues.

  9. Oh Jill - just catching up now. It hurts my heart so that Smudge is having a hard time - for both you and her. Sending lots of love and energy. Love the pictures, as usual. Laughed out loud at Smudge in Zippy's coat - she does NOT look happy.

  10. The bulldogs eye
    So sad and so funny
    All in the same breath x