Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission impossumible and a mule adventure.

We are back!!
I just don't know why I am having a hard time keeping up...
I already have another blog post waiting...
I know what it is..
I post too many pictures.  

That is not going to change.
There are 63 in this post.

Oh well...
Smudge recovered from her last seizures very quickly and 
now we are having more...
Not good. 
Before this, she had gone quite a while without any.
She has gained some weight and I am just hoping that is the issue. 
We are making adjustments to her meds and hopefully she will 
be back to occasional outbreaks.
Thinking positively, even though it is not easy sometimes.  

This is a rare look at a hibernating bulldog.  

They don't hibernate long...

We had a break out...
The mules chewed their way out.
I am sure that May the donkey had NOTHING to do with it.

They were out for quite a while and traveled a good distance from the house.
I had no idea they were even missing.
Until we saw a pink animal streaking through the woods. 
They came back for dinner. 

Smudge enjoyed tracking the path that they had taken.
Of course they left little nuggets of information along the way.

We had a pretty significant snow recently.
We are having another event now.

Otis in his usual fashion had to parade around for me. 

Going through a drift.

Zippy really enjoys the snow.
I think it makes his arthritis fell better.

Either that or it is just nice and soft for his feet.

There is one thing that he does not like about it though.

That is when...

It gets into his ears...

Other than that he loves it!

Danza guarded the barn door.

Not letting the little guys in.

Smudge thought it wasn't fair.

Otis and Ollie too.

Hey, Smudge.

Smudge likes to bulldoze her way.

She cracks me up.

At least she made holes for breathing. are so cute!

Nice wind.

They have the choice to go in or out....
They are on the way in. 
I don't blame them.

Back out.  


I think you are stuck!  

If you look very very will see Abner the 
visiting opossum.

We have had a little possum problem.
They keep showing up. was Feb....Opossum love season.

Zippy chasing the mule trail.

We left that we could find our way home...

More like apples...and not really crumbs.

More snow!!


LOVE Snow!!

This was Smudge's Valentine picture.  
She is so sexy.

You are making me blush.

Hey Eco...
Yes, Oracle...
Did you hear the one about the short mini mule???  
He was so short that he chewed right through the bottom rail of the fence 
and walked out. 

Ha ha ha...

Little Abner the possum.
He left after about a week or so.
He and little Lulu had a great time. 

We had some melting....

Some sun.

Some rest.

Then more snow..

Not too much though.

Oracle enjoyed it.

Couldn't keep his feet on the ground. can you kick like that...look at those legs!

Look at him go.

Nice tail curl.

May was not impressed.

After kicking up his heals..Oracle decided to bug Eco.

Otis is standing by for assistance.

Must have been another short joke. 
Poor Otis...

Oracle with his stick...herding the little guys.

Remember....Feb. is opossum love season...

Oh no!!

Smudge....what did you do?  

Don't look at me...he was okay just a moment said it was love a possum season.
I was just loving this possum.

(No possums were harmed in the making of this blog post.  Just little Abner playing possum.
That is mud on the snow and on Smudge.  Abner got up and walked away only a minute later.)  


  1. I loved all 63 photos! You are good at this, and sure had all kinds of weather.

  2. These are gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Love your photos! Must share them with my dog and horse loving sis.

  4. We loved every single one of your 63 photos. They're fabulous!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. I may not like winter but I love your snowy pictures. Sorry to hear the seizures continue to be a problem.

  6. Lovely pics! My friends horses were acting particularly frisky yesterday, kicking up their heels and feeling good!

    mamma heartbeat

  7. Hi Jill! It's been a while, I know. So good to see all the critters again having a great time.
    What great photos and captions!
    Smudge and Zippy have to be the cutest!
    Your header is really beautiful.
    I feel better now that I have visited you and your family.