Sunday, May 5, 2013

Better late than never...right?

It has been a while....

I am happy to report that I have been very busy 
doing furniture renderings. 

This post was supposed to appear in the beginning of April
This is also the time I am busy with furniture market.
So....I am just posting it now.

I will have another post that was for the latter part of April 
coming soon...

Mr. Cool Zippy.

He is posing for the ladies.
So suave...

I need glasses too!!

Where are my glasses???

Yeah...that is more like it!!!  

Leaf fishing.

Got it!!

I don't need a leash...



This maple tree is so unusual.
It has a branch that grew from one trunk into the other.

April snow!!



We were still seeing Pheromona, the skunk on a regular basis and I wanted to get some 
really good pictures of her.  So...I tried to sneak out to the area the she frequented.
I had a few "followers".  They were looking at me like I was crazy.

I got very very close to Pheromona.

She was so busy eating that she really did not notice me at all.

She really is a beauty.

At one point she got so close to me that I was a bit worried, but she just kept on eating.

I read that when they are out during the day like this feeding, that they more than likely have 
babies stashed somewhere.  The mothers feed during the day, so that they can
defend their babies from predators at night.

They are not a nuisance really.
They eat grubs....Japanese beetle grubs are a favorite food.
They can eat as many as they want as far as I am concerned.
They also will eat small rodents.

So.....give a skunk a chance.....let them be and you will have less
pests in your yards and gardens.

Until next year....Pheromona...

Getting ready for Easter!  

Great shot, Zippy!! 

We love snow, we love snow!!!

Loved the way the snow was "draped" on the branches.

Snow bunny...

Who turned out the lights?????

where did everyone go???

Hello!!!  Anyone out there??


Wonder what is going on??

Guess I will just hang out and wait.  

Super stud bunny.

Dreaming of the beach....

Pass the sunscreen.

Walking snowman face.

Looking for deer.

What turkeys think of snow.

Scatter in the faux bois fountain.

Cats love Faux Bois art..
Handmade....from local artisans..Ha ha ha...

Finally warming up!
Great time for a swim.

...and a bath...

Miss May...

Skunk to you later....


  1. Great and hilarious pictures. Once mom took a Yoplait yogurt container off of a skunks head (it was stuck) than she ran! BOL zippy you look so cool with your shades! And Smudge! Wow, hot!!!
    Benny & Lily

  2. WOW now that was a long one. I enjoyed the 3 horses...they are beauties standing there watching you. Smudge with the Easter bunny ears, so cute. Look at all that snow, eewww...but eh sun finally came out. Glad that you are super busy with the furniture!!