Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring has sprung.

Smudge showing off the dandelion patch otherwise known as the 
front yard.  

The sun shining through Zippy's ears.  Love the way it makes them look pink/orange.

Smudge checking out the daffodils.  
She likes to bite the flowers off.

Mention the word "walk" and this is what you get.

Smudge being usual.

Just "slightly" dirty. 

A sure sign of spring.
I have a feeling that we are going to have an 
abundance of "alarm clock" toads...

Another sign of spring.

Hey, Zippy!!!
Watch out!!

Nice socks.  Ha ha ha.

Well, well, well....what do we have here?
A morel mushroom!
Let the morel mania begin.


Blue bells.

I took Zippy morel hunting and.....this is what I got.

Looks like a bath is in order.

Smudge demonstrating several bulldog running positions.
This is what I like to call the "superman".  

This is the bulldog "jump and twist".  

This is the classic "sideways run".  

All very typical bulldog behaviors. 

On April 27th, we visited Spruce Pine for the annual 
Fire on the Mountain blacksmith festival. 

It is really a fun thing to attend..
You can see many blacksmiths in action.
The artwork is always incredible. 

This is a forged brain.  
I thought that it was interesting.  
I also thought that it would make a neat lamp.

This is a hand forged kinetic sculpture.
It rocked back and forth. 
Loved this piece.

This was possibly my favorite piece.
Very well done.  

So happy to see some flowers...

Smudge "helping" with the water for the horses.

Spotted this while looking for morels.
I thought the texture was neat.
Maybe a idea for a faux bois planter.

My morel dog.

Smudge had a visitor.
Her friend, Asha came over to play.

Smudge has a very difficult time keeping up with the very agile Asha.


Beautiful pansy.

And...another daffodil bites the dust.

Smudge is practicing for the "River Monsters" show.

She is practicing her leaf catching technique.

There is only one problem....she cant' swim.

Yay!!!  She got one!!!
Way to go, Smudge.

It's can still fish even if you don't know how to swim.

I am so so bored with this blog post.

Seriously....this is enough to put me to sleep.


When is this going to end????

You know, if you talked more about me....the posts would be better.

Okay, Zippy....maybe next time.  At least you made an appearance in this post.

Aww...Zippy, I am much cuter than you.

Besides....I can never get enough air time.

I AM a super star you know.

My latest faux bois planter.  
I still have to stain it and seal it. 
There is a mermaid carved into the surface.

Danza wearing the latest in icicle fashion.


Hey, Smudge!  
Don't count on being the cutest...
This is my laid back cute look.

Besides...I am the high jump king and I really don't think that you will ever
get on River Monsters.

Fine...I will just pose like this and people will love me.
How can they resist this body.
I was made to be a star.  
Don't hate me because I am beautiful...
It takes a lot of work to have a body like this.

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  1. What a big day Smudge. Playing with your friend. At least you went to the spa for your relaxing mud bath, BOL
    Benny & Lily