Thursday, June 6, 2013

Haircuts, garden gates, and baths.

Hello there! 

Jumping for joy again!!!
Warm weather and green grass.

Interesting creatures everywhere.

While looking for morels.  
I found this grouse nest.
The grouse jumped up and scared me to the point of screaming.
11 or so eggs under a log.

Hello beautiful!  

Your wonderful crevices will hold lots of butter and garlic.

Love the japanese maple next to the barn.

Smudge has finally stopped chasing scatter.
All Smudge wanted to do was smell her, but Scatter did not get it.
Finally, Scatter decided to stop running from Smudge and this is the result.  

I am a lover not a biter.

Concrete morel.

Oh my.....How did this happen???

Like this.

Ha ha ha....and this...

Dogs are so dirty...
and undignified.

Zippy and I have really been enjoying the beautiful clouds and all of the 
spring wild flowers.

This is called Daisy Fleabane.

It is a low growing plant that is usually found in fields and on 

It has really taken over in this meadow.

Oh no....Don't do it, Zippy.....
I do not want to give you another bath!!!

More morels and a beautiful Showy Orchis.

Smudge in action.

Dear big brown beetles, (June bugs...May bugs...whatever bugs)
Please get some flying lessons...tired of you bombarding my head..
getting caught in my hair....not entertaining. 

What are you doing?????

Darn...I didn't think you would see that!
Can't a girl take a mud bath in peace?
I am still cleaner than that dog!

Hey Smudge.

Lesson of the day...
Don't try to smell the dandelions.
They go up your nostrils and make you sneeze.

Ha ha ha.....I already knew that!  

Hmmmm...Mom...what are you doing in the garden?
I used to fit through here...
I can't get in.
Open the gate!

Oh no!!!!
Now I can't get out!
Bring soap and a saw!

Stupid gate....

Come on....let me in!!!

I can't believe this.

I don't know why she won't let me into the garden....
It's not like I will eat the asparagus or anything...
Well....maybe just one piece.

I am just going to go back to my chair and relax.
Guard the giant pumpkin plants.

Zippy is helping spread the compost for the baby pumpkins.
He loves his job.

Things are really getting bright around here.

Dreaming of what I can get into next.

Seriously.....I won't eat the asparagus...

Speaking of asparagus...this "little" beauty came out of the garden.
It was delicious.

My neighbor's gorgeous azalea.  

More Fleabane.

The jump and twist.

So many blooms this year.
Seems like everything is really covered.  

I prefer the grass to blooms.

Not me, sister....I like these buttercups!

And my daisy fleabane.

A nice little Grosbeak.
We get to enjoy them as they pass through.

Spring hair cut time!!!
What do you think of that, Otis?

I think that you better have your running shoes on.'re not catching me!!!
Ha ha ha..

I am going to hide too.

Don't worry, Zippy...just a bath for you.

What about me?

Oh no!!

I just brushed you, Eco!!

There you go, look so handsome when you get a haircut. you get a bath!!

I am going to hide like Zippy.

You will never find me here.

Don't worry, Smudge....she will find you.

Besides....look at how pretty you can be if you get a bath.


  1. We always love watching Zippy's antics...especially the pounce. And that Smudge--what a crack up.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & roxy

  2. What great pictures as usually. Zippy looks adorable in the daisy fields. No chasing kittys Smudge
    Benny & Lily

  3. We love all of your pictures and can never choose one favorite! They're all our favorites!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly