Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This is August in October.

This is my post from Aug.  
I don't know what happened.  
The above photo is a fake book cover that I made for a photo group that I am in.
Those who know me, may know that my ass is not as tiny as the one pictured.  Haha.
Well...maybe it IS smaller than the one pictured, but definitely not as cute.

This sign is the funniest thing EVER.  

I put it on my parent's house about 5 or 6 months ago and they still haven't noticed it.

I will let you know when they see it.  
You would think that they would read this post and probably say something to me...
I will let you know if that happens too.  

This hollyhock was so pretty.  
It was in my neighbor's yard.  
Mine were chewed on by Japanese Beetles.... 

My sweet neighbor (hollyhock owner) had several extra lily bulbs.
She gave them to me and WOW, they are fantastic. 
The colors were gorgeous.
It was fun being surprised by what color each one would be.

Smudge running from the camera.  
She has decided that she does not like having her picture taken.
I have no idea why....haha.

This is my little friend.  
He/she like to scare the crap out of me. 

Another beautiful stargazer lily.

This is one from my neighbor.
Incredible color.

Busy bees.

Zippy rolling in the grass.
Aug. is a very special month for Zippy.


Chair gazer.

The gladiola were also incredible this summer.

This one is called "Plum Tart".

A bee appreciating beautiful glass. 

Zippy sitting next to Goldie Sunshine.

Zippy on the way to Jak's house.
He loves sticking his nose out of the window.  

This is the only time that I let him do that.
We only go about 25 mph.. 

Sometimes, I let Zippy drive.

A sweet little visitor.
She and Smudge had fun feeding the mini mules.

Zippy sitting next to Goldie.

More of the gorgeous Asiatic lilies. 

This is a gladiola called "Vista".
It is from last year and it has a few extra stripes in it.

Another of the lilies. 

I am bored with all of these flowers....
When will you show some of my adventures?????

Well..Smudge...you stopped looking at the camera...so how can I take pictures of your adventures? 

I have no idea what this one is called.
I love it though. 

A bee checking out my new hollyhock. 
This is a new color for me.
It is sort of a mix between pink and purple.

Smudge on the way to Jak's house.
She loves Jak.

Hey, May....Don't tell Ollie that we are in love....
Oh no...I think he heard me...

Otis..I think that you are in trouble.

Another piece of Jak's beautiful glass.


A night blooming cereus....during the day.

Um.....I think that I missed these.
This is squash art.

I told you that Zippy liked to drive.

A lovely little mushroom.

Mr. Zippy.

A blackberry lily.

TA DA....Aug. 19th was Zippy's 11th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Zippy!!!

He got a very special cookie for his big day.

He loved it.

Zippy and Goldie had a party.

The lilies joined in.

Zippy got a birthday card in the mail from his grammy and grumpa.

After the celebration, Smudge decided to take a dip in the pond.
I knew it was probably a bad idea, but I really had no choice.
Probably should have used a leash when I walked her past the pond...
What was I thinking?

She rolled around in the mud....

and the grass...

Then...she immediately broke out in a very bad rash...
We stopped by to see Skyler and she was so itchy that she did not even play with him.
We rinsed her off with a hose to see if it would help, but....sadly, it didn't.

Skyler still had a good time.
Look at that big, sweet smile.

Bee in a giant pumpkin blossom.

One of my faux bois planters.

Zippy with tomato on his face.

My dad grew these tomatoes.  Zippy ate one from each bucket.
He LOVES tomatoes.

As you can see...

The Japanese beetles really loved my hollyhock.

Holes everywhere.

Luckily bees don't care about holes.

This is my toad sanctuary. 
I had at least 4 toads that would burrow into the flower pots.  
It think that they liked the shallow pots.
You can see the soil that is dished up under the purple petunia.
That is where a toad dug in.  It was fun to watch them.

Here I am...looking at the camera.

Well it is about time, Smudge.  

A beautiful swallowtail.

Some potatoes from the garden.

A really cool birdhouse made by my very talented neighbor, Willie Baucom.
Willie and Keith have a pottery studio here, in Boone and also one in Beaufort, NC.  
You can check out their website here...Shipyard Earthworks.

This is a wonderful tote bag made by another one of my neighbor's daughters. 
She has a shop called D.H. Heritage. 
She makes leather purses as well as these wonderful tote bags.
You can check out her Etsy shop here...D.H. Heritage.

One of my gorgeous Dahlias.

A giant chard leaf.

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting with a friend, Jennifer Stas and her husband, Steve.

Oh wait....that is not Jennifer or Steve...
That is the sweet Junebug and Dewey.  
They are loved and owned by Jennifer and Steve.
Jennifer makes beautiful pottery and has a studio at Cedar Creek Gallery
Click the link to check out her beautiful work.


Dewey made fast friends with the horses.  
The horses loved Dewey and they sniffed noses.

Dewey...you are too sweet. 

Smudge and Junebug became friends. 

Poor Smudge had to be carried around because her feet were so sore from her allergy attack.
You can see the redness...poor little thing.
Steve carried her around and she fell in love with him.  
She misses you, Steve.

Sweet hummingbird. 

Well....this concludes the post for Aug.  Stay tuned for September.  

I may be a little behind, but I will catch back up.....I hope.


  1. I look forward to your posts, and it's always worth the wait!

  2. Your photos are always so gorgeous! Happy 11th Birthday, Zippy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Oh Smudge you know as well as we know what would a blog post be without your little ass. BOL happy Birthday Zippy
    Lily & Edward

  4. Wow! All the beautiful flowers and the dogs and mules and horses -- your life if wonderful!

  5. I am happy tom hear, Jill, that you belong to a photo group. Your photos are always so well done (at least the ones you show!!) and varied.

  6. Smudge and Zippy are awesome!!! Looking forward to your next blog!!

  7. Smudge and Zippy these are so excellent photos. Zippy you look too funny behind the wheel of the car. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals