Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas cheer and Happy New Year.

This year we celebrated a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  
We are looking forward to a new year of happiness and fun. 
I hope that everyone out there that reads this blog had a wonderful holiday and I hope that you 
also enjoy a fantastic new year.  

We started out on the wrong paw when Zippy decided to pee on the Christmas tree.

I will say that it was really my fault, because I left it where it was...just a little too tempting.

She is making me do this because I peed on the tree....

Just wait until next year... year...I will remember this.

Oh no....get ready trees....Zippy is full of piss and vinegar. 

Really....who puts a good tree in the house.  
They are made for marking, you know.  

I thought that is what you do to a tree. 

This is more like it..

So many little time.
Which one should I visit first? 


Ho, ho, ho....It is Santa Smudge.

I didn't pee on a tree...why do I have to wear this???

Because you are cute, Smudge...

Take the picture quick!

Oh fell off.  

That will teach her...I will just chew the hat up and then, I will never have to wear it again.

Super Zippy!!! 

Off to rescue a biscuit in distress.

And to pee on all trees and kick up snow.

Um.....what is this???

Zippy....those are bear tracks.
Be careful.

Bear tracks and Jill tracks.

Fun with lights.

My mom's tree.

The barn quilt.

Zippy looking for bears.

Hmmmm....what is going on in there???

We have been enjoying some really beautiful sunrises lately. 

A crow helped make this one even more special.

The light display that my neighbor put up.
The really bright thing driving is Santa.  

Smudge is dreaming of Christmas fun.

She is also dreaming of biscuits and big bones. 
She got a really special present this takes up half of the freezer.
Her buddy Jak got her a giant cow bone to chew on.

Zippy got one too.

Hand it over....I will bury it.

Deer running as we are going down the driveway.

Zippy watching me pet May.  

They are both very stubborn...two things that are alike, but different.  Haha. 

Okay....I buried, where is Zippy's bone? 
Oh wait....where did I bury my bone??

Oh Smudge...


  1. Your photos are always a treat ☺
    Have a happy and healthy and safe New Year!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. What a beautiful holiday. Zippy if we peed on our tree it would have drowned cause it was so little. Smudge you look so festive, but we hear ya! Enough is enough
    Lily & Edward

  3. There are so many amazing photos here! Good grief! Smudge and Zippy dressed and with lights, the sky shots...bear tracks close to home?

    Happy New Year. Big hugs to all your critters.

  4. Happy New Year, Jill, Zippy, Smudge and Family!!

  5. What a crew! And, as always, your pictures are terrific.

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