Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Eco, Oracle, and Danza coming in for their dinner. 

Beautiful Bluets. 

We have been hunting for morel mushrooms every day possible. 

We saw this interesting little tree while on a morel expedition the other day.

The beautiful almost full moon.

Hey Bumble.....
do you want to go look for morels?

(She must tired of looking....She fell asleep sitting up.) 

Otis....want to look for morels?

Hey....where are you guys going???

I thought we were going to look for morels. 

None here!


This is hopeless.

We are never going to find morals.

Ha ha ha....Zippy has never found morals.  
Ha ha ha ha....I really crack myself up sometimes.

The little grey barn.

A tulip to brighten your day!  

Well...the may apples are coming up and still no morels. 

I am very frustrated.  

False hellebores. 

Chartreuse spikes peek out
Leaves unfurling beside the stream
Rising from the earth.

Moss growing in a mountain spring. 

More false hellebores. 

Hark....I think that I hear a baby elephant. 
that is just the rootball of an overturned tree. 


Are you pointing???

Could it be????

Did you find one????

Not just one! 
a total of 20!
Oh....Joy, joy, joy!

Beautiful little morsel.

The elusive, morel!  

Come here and check it out!

Where are you???

I am here!  

I got stuck in a bog. 

I don't think that I got too dirty though. 

I know you wanted to take Easter pictures, so I was very 
careful and stayed as clean as possible. 

Folks....just ignore that dirt on my legs and underside. 

This is me frolicking with my basket.

I love my basket!

The flowers are so pretty.

Man do they smell good!

I need more.

Where are those flowers?

Oh well...I will just smell these again.

Oh no!!

They all fell out when I frolicked.  

I wonder if there are any biscuits in here?

Nope....just flowers.

Oh well....

I hope you all have a very nice Easter! 


  1. Don't know what to say butt we love you Bumble and Zippy and your blog
    Benny & Lily

  2. What a great post. Bumble is such a star...ok, Zippy too. That moon shot is something! So is the tulip. Wow. Looks like spring in your part of the world.

  3. Yay for morels! I just posted Thursday about ours - we found a bumper crop this year, but they're huge and don't have as much flavor as previous years. Still, very tasty!

  4. I am not sure what I like more... your lovely pictures, your little gray barn, or your captions!

    I had a good chuckle and I am glad you found morels. I live in the suburbs in Ohio... I would love to hunt for morels. Maybe someday.

    God Bless!

  5. The dog looks cute! I just passed by to say Happy Easter!...Daniel

  6. What a great day's work mushroom hunting. You certainly do live in a beautiful area. I love those Easter pictures!


  7. Twenty morels? Now I'm jealous, very jealous in fact. You have such a good time Jill. I wish I ws your neighbor.

  8. Bumble is such a hoot! I'd love to take a walk in your woods. I love seeing color showing up in our world again.

  9. I just think i'm in love with your dog!!! everytime i visit your blog i leave happier then i came!


  10. i don't think i have morels in our woods! the ticks are out now so i am hesitant to go out and look. sweet pics of your pups...silly things. love the little grey barn pic, very nice!

  11. Bumble, you make the best Easter photos! I hope your mom frames some of those, they are classic!