Friday, April 29, 2011

Enjoying the beauty of Spring.

I wonder if Bumble realizes that she is getting dirty?
(I think she likes it)

You got me in trouble!
Dirt all over my newly washed coat. 

Now....I am no a tree expert...or a complete safety freak
I don't think that is a good place to hang out.  

More beautiful Bluets.
These little beauties are one of my favorite spring wildflowers.
They make a carpet of color. 

Bumble going with me to water Larry the Magnificent's plants.  

She decided to ride in the back of the Gator.  

First harvest of asparagus!

Love, love, love it!

LTM's really ultra neat old barn.  

What an unbelievably beautiful day.  
The sky is incredible!

We have had stormy weather and when the storms blow out...
Clear sailing.  

You can also see the bright colors coming onto the trees.

The barn quilt.  
Still looking good after a wild winter.
The finish that we used has held up really well.  

Zippy enjoying a late afternoon walk.

Love this place!
The previous picture shows the view behind me. 
Not our land, but our neighbor lets us walk and ride our horses here. 
Very peaceful.  

Bumble helping water plants at LTM's greenhouse.

She is such a big help.

Gus enjoying a swim in the pond.  

Gus loves water so much.

When he was a pup...He used to try to swim in his water bowl.
Well...really he just sat in his water bowl. 
True story. 

The sweetest cutest donkey in the world.
Having a nap. 

I think this is a Grosbeak.
Beautiful bird!

My first sighting of this particular bird. 

The other day on our afternoon walk...
I turned to come home and a small brown animal flew across the trail.
I was quite a way from the house and I thought that it may have been a fox.
Then Bumble chased the little animal up a tree and I finally got a good look.
It was Scatter cat!
She had followed us!
Do you see her behind the tree?

Zippy Zipping.
Supersonic streak of lightening. 

Honestly....could it be any prettier???

Just look at that sky!!!

Beautiful Trillium

Ferns unfurling. 

Wake Robbin. 

Wild Oats.

Another Wild Oat.

Such a delicate thing. 

Could it be????

More morels!!!
A grey one. 
The black ones seem to be slowing down. 

A wild turkey nest complete with eggs.  
The one on the bottom left was opening.

Very neat.

Yellow or gold morel.

These are larger than the black ones and much easier to spot.

Why must you sit under fallen trees? 


  1. What a fabulous post. Love the pups, the skies, the flowers, the mushrooms....EVERYTHING! Great shots.

  2. You two are hilarious! Don't mess with those eggs Bumble
    Benny & Lily

  3. I loved all the photographs. Yes, that is indeed a male Red-breasted Grosbeak. We look out every day hoping to see them before they continue their migration.

  4. I just love the fern opening, the mushroom pictures, all those flowers are amazing!


  5. hmmm i didn't know we had grey or black ones... we only have the brown/ gold ones...

    still in love with your dog!

  6. LOL, I think Bumble has no clue about that dirt!
    Wow, more morels? Maybe we should go hunting again!

  7. Beautiful pictures of all that is blooming your way! Grab thsoe morels before someone else does... *grin*
    I love to see the grosbeaks... we've had a few sightings in the last couple of years but not very many.
    Love that last picture of Bumble under the tree and Zippy running away! *giggle*

  8. That's a great pic of Bumble and Zippy together. Beautiful spring images. I'm ready to move to your part of the world (seriously!)