Friday, April 8, 2011

More Spring weather and Pond Cleaning.

This was taken last weekend.
Check out the size of the turkey tracks. 

Elk Knob last weekend.
The sky was incredible!

Where to?

I only wish that my feet would reach the gas.

The sky was so beautiful last week.  


You could see for miles.

Time to clean the pond.
I also had to add a little bit of waterfall foam to keep 
water going over the rocks instead of under them.  

As usual....Zippy helped.

Bumble decided to nap on the deck this year.  

I guess she did not want another bath.

Check out this pose! 

Typical bulldog.

After pond cleaning I took Bumble and Zippy on a walk.  

I was trying to get the dirt to fall off of Zippy.  
His hair is course and short and sometimes the dirt will fall right off. 
At least that is what I was hoping.

It did not quite work out the way that I planned. 

"I think you missed a spot."  

Speaking of dirt.....
Eco at the exfoliation station.  
Ha ha ha.  

The day after pond cleaning day....

I did not start the fountain because we were having high wind
and it blows the water out of the pond.  

Oh...Mr. Owl...
I knew you had something you were not telling me. 

The little spring peepers (tree frog) showed up the moment that 
I turned on the waterfall. 
Their peeps were rather weak in the snow.

Gotta love Spring!

One of the first spring wildflowers.

Bloodroot in full bloom.  

I love the way the leaves curl around the bloom.

I have been attending a women's writing pilgrimage at ASU.
It is sponsored by the Writing Across the Curriculum Program.
It is a program designed to bring women in our area and within the university
together to encourage creativity and activism.

Anyway....The bloodroot inspired me to write this...

Coming out of the midnight blues of winter; the bright colors of spring peep through 
the deep browns of the forest floor.  Under this rust brown carpet of leaves, the ground begins 
to vibrate with life and renewed energy.  The brilliant colors bring a promise of warmth and fresh things.
New beginnings and fresh starts.  The ground awakens and life is reborn.

Hey....that dog is eating my grass!

Someone has been lagging behind on walks lately.
Getting too warm for long walks.
Walking in the cool streams and getting very dirty.

Come on Bumble!

Sometimes she will not even go with us...she just sits at the top of the hill 
and watches us take a walk.

On this day...she watched as we left and then took off on her own.

We found her on the way back.
Panting and very proud of her little solo excursion.

Where is Bumble???

Ha....she caught a ride on the Gator!

The first bright Goldfinch of the season.

Oracle ready for dinner.  

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  1. Jill...Zippy looks divine! Sorry you are still getting snow. I think ours is done (or should I say for now?). We have had those deep blue skies with big, fluffy white clouds too. Your poem has inspired me. I'm going to have to give it a shot.
    Have a great weekend. We may hit 70.

  2. Truly Beautiful pictures of the sky yes! Bet you loved to see them instead of cloudy snow skies!


  3. I loved the walk through your beautiful place. And you know I adore the photos of your dogs! Spring has finally found us in MN.

  4. Wonderful picture of the leaf-enfolded bloodroot! And your poem was just right.

  5. Beautiful pictures! As always, you paint a beautiful picture of country life. The poem was great!


  6. Beautiful pics! I just love your bull dog. Such a cute face. Do you think Zippy realizes that white fur and mud don't mix?!?

  7. wonderful pic, the clouds above the tree was superb. glad you showed what bloodroot looks like...i don't know much about wild flowers. yuck, glad we don't have any. the last photos was really really good! :)

  8. Love the pics, esp. sky and clouds and flowers and horse! Thanks for taking us with you.

  9. Love your pictures! I've been sitting here "oooh-ing and ahhh-ing" over Miss Bumble... she is so adorable. Well, Zippy is too, but I'm a little partial to Bullies because I own one too.
    (Or more like she owns me...)
    Enjoyed my visit here with you today!

  10. bulldogs and cars!

    they seem to go together so well...

    constance falls asleep as you are lifting her in!

  11. Magnificent clouds. We don't see that much around here anymore. I hope the spring peepers can survive the snow!