Monday, August 30, 2010

Concrete, Guard dogs, and Zippy's confusion.

I have been working on my grape arbor/trellis.  I am putting a scratch coat of concrete on first.  After the scratch coat goes on, a finish coat of cement will follow.  The finish coat will have a lot more detail and then I can move on to the rest of the metal work on the top of the arbor.  

Another view of the scratch coat.  

I cover the posts as they are curing to keep them from drying out in the hot sun.  This keeps the concrete from curing too quickly and cracking.   I have added some simple details to the posts at this stage and will add much more detail as it progresses.  

 Pearl report.
She is chugging along at a good pace.  Up to 583 pounds.  
The weather has warmed back up and she is gaining about 15-17 pounds per day. 
The cooler night time temps were slowing down her growth to only 5 pounds per day for a day or two.  
I am glad that she has picked back up.  

As you can see here....I am having a problem with powdery mildew. 
The guard dog on duty in the background is keeping an eye out for other pests.

Here we have another guard.
She takes her job Very seriously. 

She is always alert and ready to act.  

Keeping pests away from Pearl.  

Oh!  It looks as if she has spotted an intruder!  

Wow!  Close call!!!
That cat could have scratched poor Pearl!
Good job guard dog!

What is going on here! are supposed to be on duty!  
Remember......ALERT.....and always on duty???

It is okay......nothing happened!  
No other pests have entered Pearl's patch.  
I would know if there were uninvited guests.  
After all.....I am the best guard dog around. 

He he he.......I got past the guard dog.....
Ha ha ha...
I am here to stay.
Don't worry though.....I do not eat pumpkin.

Pearl tucked in for the evening. 
Wearing the latest in pumpkin couture.

Beautiful Zinnia.

Man, I am tired!
That guard duty is.....well.....tiring. 
I think I will take a nap. play ball.......I will nap....zzzzzzz


Zippy did it again.
He has two balls to play with.
We all know what happens when Zippy does this!  
It is not good.


Oh no!!!!  
I am confused!
Do I play with this one????

Or do I play with this one?????

Gosh.....this one......

I don't know......
This one looks fun too!


This or that........this or that????
I hate having to make a decision.....

Bumble Help!!!!

Okay.....Zippy all you have to do is push ONE of the balls under the fence.  
Then you can play with the other one.

Oh Brother..........

He did not do what I think he did!  

Zippy...I said ONE of the balls!!!!!

Sometimes I think that I am the only one around here with any common sense.  


Could someone please get one of the balls???????
Bumble made me do it....honest....
she said to roll them under the is not my fault.

Front yard this week.  
Still blooming.  

We had a little dark grey ghost shaped cloud to the right of Elk Knob.  
Pretty spooky.  


  1. You guys are hysterical. Your watch dog duties are very tiresome or better yet boring. Watching Pearl grow made us tired. bumble if you are going to slack, make sure the mom with the camera is not watching. Get Zippys ball...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Geez Bumble, that pic of you with the glove is so darn cute! Those portabella mushroom cheeks and cute 'lil tongue! My mama might want to give you some kisses and that would make me very jealous. Hmpf. Too cute.

  3. What a great idea for an arbor...Something that I would love to have in our yard. How in the heck do you weigh Pearl? I can't believe how many pounds she gains each day. Your pups are very photogenic, bursting with personality. post a lot of pictures like I do. For the past several days they are going up slower than slow...have you had a problems? Suggestions?

  4. I was wondering the same thing as Lori, how the heck do you weight Pearl? I wonder if that powdery mildew is what my tomato plants have on their leaves. Seems to happen every year. Thanks for the pup laughs!

  5. The weight that I am quoting now is an estimate. I use the over the top method. You measure the circumference, front to back, and side to side. Those measurements are added together and I then use a chart to determine the weight. All very super scientific. Ha ha. I am taking Pearl to a weigh off later this month or in early Oct. I have not decided which weigh off to go to yet. I have to sneak around and check out the competition. Most of the growers are pretty tight lipped this time of year.

  6. That is some pumpkin! And the dogs are too cute. Love the arbor!