Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wet stuff

Well it has been raining her for.....well.......forever.


Even my plants think so.  

We did get a hole or two of golf in one day...only right after I took this shot.....and
I really do mean right after I took it....
A bolt of lightening struck very close by and let me tell you....
I ran all the way up the hill to my neighbor's house....
Without my golf club!

We have mushrooms growing like crazy.  
Everywhere you will see a mushroom.

Also look at the size of these things!!!!   

I have never seen mushrooms growing like this before.  

Too bad this did not happen during morel season!  

Just my luck. 

The sky has been interesting though.  

Here we have Minnie Pearl, Pearl's sister, watching the sunset. she is. 

Beautiful Pearl.  
Excuse the tape.  I had to put that on Pearl because the tape measure that I have is not large enough to 
go all the way around her beautiful wide girth.  I use the tape to mark the place that I have add to the measurement.  

Pearl has actually been enjoying the rain.  Although the cooler night temps have been ever so slightly slowing her down.  Still gaining 15-16 pounds per day.  
Grow em Big!!!
That's what us giant vegetable growers say to each other.  Ha ha. 

We got a new speed bump for the driveway. 

It is portable.  

One of my neighbors (who has the initials LTM) snuck up here and put this dangling blue male appendage on our gator.  I had to block it out with leaves. all of our little trollies are male.  That LTM always doing funny stuff!  

It is supposed to be nice starting tomorrow and I hope that it is....
I want to weld my arbor together.
Wish me luck.  


  1. What great pictures! So nice to see all that green. Love the speed bump. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Pearl is a beauty. So glad you weren't taken out by that bolt of lightening. I hear it likes golfers!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I especially like the first two!