Monday, August 9, 2010

Lots of things going on. Two weekends worth of fun.

I FINALLY got to ride!!!  
Eco was not very happy going on a solo trip, but all went well. 
Just a little more vocal than usual.  

I love this shot.  It looks like a painting.  Going fast, low light and enjoying every minute.

Eco happy to be back and calling his buddies.  
After riding, I decided to can some tomato juice.  

Now this is good advice.....I just do not know what a petcock is.   Actually, I do....but that is a funny word.   Instruction book???........ I do not even know if I have one.  

Ha ha....You really should run if your pressure cooker starts doing this.  

Run Bumble!!!!.........She's going to blow......

The Tater Hill Fly In was Aug 1st-7th. 
We enjoyed seeing some of the Paragliders!  
Tater Hill bald is the place in my banner picture. 

This was a little least after about the third time they buzzed by.

Could have been because we had visiting dignitaries. 

They drove this beauty.
They told me my horses were fat.  Ha ha.  Well...they have been on a diet.
I takes a few weeks to see the effects. 
Danza is getting a bit cranky about her diet.    
Up at night crying for more hay...
Poor thing.

The dignitaries brought homemade cheese!
Muchas Gracias!!!

Bumble got to go to the dinner party.  

After the dignitaries left; we went to the neighbor's golf course.  

I am pleased to say that I got a hole in one!  

As you can see it is sometimes hard to find your ball with all of the beautiful daises. I am taking over......
Time for a Pumpkin Report!...

Not so long ago they were just babies.....Just starting their life and we had such high hopes for these little beauties.  

Well...just look at them today!  They are achieving their goals and one is even surpassing those goals.  

This is the little over achiever....She is really a rotund beauty.  We are getting ready to pass the 300lb. mark with lots of growing season still left!  Mom will not let me get near this little gal.  I think she looks pretty cool wearing those sunglasses!

Okay....that is all on the pumpkins for now.....On to the flowers.  

I just love flowers.

This strange sunflower popped up in my mom's vegetable garden and she moved it.  I do not think it liked being moved, because it started bending around in a strange way.  

Something about a sunflower that just says summer.....
I know that they always bring a smile to may face.  

Then there are the butterflies.......

Hello little butterfly!

We have started seeing some Monarch butterflies.  
They are so beautiful!

Here is a flower that I especially love.  

Just look at the color on that thing.
I am glad that mom got this gladiola.....get it.....glad!  Ha ha.  

We are also getting lots and lots of spiders this year.  They make me sneeze when their pesky webs get on my nose.  

Okay okay!   I am staying away from this one!  
It is the size of Texas.  

We have had lots of these too.  
Mom HATES these pesky bugs.  
She keeps going around with a bottle and collecting them.  
She said that they could have their parties in bottles an not on her flowers.  

Here is a party!  
Wow looks like they are having fun.  

Here is another party.  
There are some wild ones in there!

One day my mom saw this and just about had a heart attack.  That could be why our neighbor Donald had one.  

I is SHOCKING what those beetles were doing.

Almost unspeakable. guys need to get a room.  
Quit doing your dirty deeds on my mom's flowers!!!

How about a Perrier room???
HE HE HE.....

It does say "captured at source" on that bottle.  

Well....can't a girl get some privacy here.  That plane was looking at me.  They can at least fly a little bit higher.  What if I wanted to garden without my fur on or something.....Sheesh.  

Oh well....nothing left to tell....time for my nap!  


  1. Loved the visit with Bumble -- what a wonderful pumpkin! And a really gorgeous glad!

  2. Oh Bumble thank you for all those beautiful pictures of your garden. We noticed you ignored mom when she told you to run. They are such drama queens. We are purrty sure you are on the way to having the Great Pumpkin. Thanks for the tour. Do we hear some snoring over there?
    Benny & Lily

  3. With a mug like that Bumble, it's very hard to take you too seriously! It's very good to hear from you though....

  4. Great post, Jill!!!
    I hate hate hate those nasty beetles! and they have NO shame about where they "do it."