Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zippy's Birthday!!!!

Well....7 years ago Baby Zippy was born.  
His name before we got him was Zeb.  
After watching him zoom around for a few days; I decided that his name 
should be changed to Zippy.   A word of advice......
never ever name your dog Zippy.  
Possibly something more like Couch Potato would be best.
Believe me....Zippy has really lived up to his name. 
He has kept me on my toes .
We have overcome many struggles.  Sometimes hard to handle, but always loyal and lovable.

He loves to get as dirty as possible as often as possible.  
He is extremely fascinated by water and will dig in any mud puddle around.  Especially if he sees water running into a mud puddle.  

He LOVES to jump and dig!
This is quite possibly his most favorite thing to do other than play with his ball.  

He loves to go for long hikes and scout the area for deer or turkeys.  
He likes to look, but he never ever touches. 

Here he is enjoying the view.  He really appreciates nature. 

He knows how to get out of sticky situations.  
Here he is helping out with 2009 ice storm damage. 

He is a leader among his peers. 

He is a super model.  
He has been on a cover of a magazine, a centerfold and has also been in several calendars.

He loves Christmas

He has pointing abilities

He used to love to skateboard.
That was before he decided that the wheels were fun to chew. 

He is full of heart and loves to be petted.  

He is a lover. 
His true love is Bumble.  

He can be one cool dude and really knows how to have fun.  

Enjoy your birthday pal.  


  1. He is a cool dude! I love the jumping photo. Happy Birthday Zippy.

  2. Very nice Birthday post for a well deserving all-around pal. It's plain to see that life around Zippy isn't always easy, but hey, I'll bet it's made life a lot more interesting!!
    Happy Birthday Zippy, from Mj and Maggie May....

  3. Zippy says thanks for all of the birthday wishes! He is outside enjoying his ball.

  4. Zippy you are hysterical...Hope you have a Happee Birthday
    Benny & Lily

  5. Happy Birthday Zippy! Love the Christmas picture.