Thursday, December 31, 2009


The ice storm story........Christmas day 2009

We woke up knowing that we were going to have ice.  However we did not know that we would have this much.  It was supposed to warm above freezing during the day but it never did.  We were supposed to spend Christmas with family eating great food and having a great time.  We never did.  This is a picture of my back yard.

Our poor blue spruce!

Another back yard shot.

I took this picture around 9:00 Christmas morning.  We still had hope then that we would be able to be with our family.

Never happened.

Then around 12:00 the power went out.  We had been scrambling to get things ready for the power outage that we knew was eminent.  By the way...that little bird is sitting on an Elder Jones sculpture.

This is a feather that Brian left on the fence.  Notice the broken rail in the background.  The wind blew and it sounded like shots were being fired from the trees losing their battle with the heavy ice.

Another feather shot.  Nature has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Icicles on the fence.

More fence damage!

This used to be a pasture.  The fence line where the trees are is now buried under debris.

This is the mule pasture.  More missing fence.

I was in awe at how beautiful everything was and at the same time scared and upset at the damage that was happening every time the wind would pick up.

Even the weathervane was frozen.

I love the way my garden gate looked.  Made it myself!

After the storm....Melting begins.....Still no power.....Could have been much worse....I am very thankful for all of the people that risk their lives working very hard to restore power to our area.   We had power back within 4 days.

Beautiful Elk Knob state park.   It really is strange to walk on a thick sheet of ice atop over a foot of snow that was still on the ground from the previous storm.  I am a short person and it really felt good.

Well....nothing to do except play Extreme Mountain Golf!  Brian teeing off.

My turn.  Notice that I have on my snowboarding pants and about three other layers.

Now THAT is how you get to the second tee!  Brian reached the bottom without killing himself, so I thought I would give it a try.  Brian was wearing jeans....I had on my slick snowboarding pants......Well, you can guess what happened.  I started down the hill slowly enough and then hit warp speed.  See those trees at the bottom of the hill?????  Luckily Brian caught me before I smashed into them.

Zippy jumped for joy when the sun came out.

The End...........


  1. Jill - I'm loving your pictures!!!!!!!! I'm spending loads of time here looking at them. For some reason, all this ice and snow looks lots prettier at your blogspot that out our window right about now!!! LOL! Drop by when you can.