Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wild Walk

Hey Zippy!!!!  I am feeling wild......Do you want to go for a walk??????

Oh YES!!!!!  Let's go!!!!!   

Going for a walk....going for a walk!!!

Maybe we will see a deer or a turkey or something else fun to chase. 

It is so pretty and peaceful here!  Where are the rabbits!

Little did Zippy and Bumble know.....there was a massive fog bank approaching.    Shiver.....

In just moments the entire area was covered in a thick cool fog.

Hey Zippy, do you think we should try to make it home???  We are going to be lost!


Bumble I am over here! 


There you are!!! I am so glad to see you. 

Oh no......I just had a really bad dream.   I am so glad it was only a dream.  I will have to lay off of the turkey next year. 


  1. That was cute ...until I got to the last photo of Bumble ... that was hilarious!!!
    Our local paper is advertising a female English Bull Dog pup for sale. It's so very tempting, but I have a soft spot for rescue dogs...too bad, cause I think that your Bumble is the cutest dog I've seem in a long time! So funny. By the way, does she snore?

  2. Bumble does indeed snore. My previous bulldog, Thatcher was also a snore machine. Thanks for thinking Bumble is cute; she sure has won over my heart. The only problem with Bulldogs, is that they seem to have a short life span. Don't forget....you can always check out the dogs on Bulldog rescue. We had a beautiful one come through our local humane society last year.

  3. HA! oh Jill - I LOVED this!
    You got me with the dream thing.
    I had a DALLAS flashback! Remember that??!
    all your photos are great, and that last one of the ever adorable Bumble is a CLASSIC!!!!!

  4. Very cute, and nice story. I found you via the Skoog Farm blog. A lovely place you live in NC, one of my favorite places to visit.