Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Snow Pictures

I guess this dog is blue for a reason.  Brrrrrrr...... You can barely see my stump planter.  These first photos were taken before the second round of the snow storm.  We got about 6 more inches the next day.

Oracle!  He loves the snow and flies around the pasture.

Danza and Eco however do not like it as much.  Eco was trying to get the little balls of snow off of his whiskers.

The poor little minis were not too happy.  May stayed in the shelter with her new coat on the whole time it snowed.  Brian had to plow their paddock so they could get around.

Bumble LOVES the snow!

Even though she is too short to go into the deep stuff.  I have realized that she does not do as well while it is snowing; she tends to have problems with the snow falling into her nostrils and has a hard time breathing.

Out of the way Gus!

Zippy getting stuck.


Never mind!

After the storm.  The sky was just beautiful and very clear.  This is a shot of Snake Mountain.
We were lucky to have such nice weather after this storm.  We had little wind and the temps were in the 40s.  We got lucky during this storm with the wind.  We could have had some really large snow drifts and that was kept to a minimum.

A nice shot of Elk Knob.  One of NC's newest state parks.

See ya....I am going raccoon hunting!


  1. Looks like fun! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great series of photographs! It looks like you have an awful lot of that normal for you in NC?

  3. Awesome pics, Jill!! I am very curious how our bullies will do in the snow.