Monday, December 14, 2009


In the past few years I have had a lot of fun with the animals during Christmas.  I am not quite sure that they have had as much fun as I have, but the pictures are pretty neat.  I was going to take some pictures this year with the dogs in front of my tree, but I had a bit of bad luck when my tree decided to take a
dive.  I lost about 15 of my handblown glass ornaments.   Let me tell you, a tree with glass ornaments makes a VERY loud noise when it hits the floor.  Next year I will remember to tie the tree back to the wall.  This experience has also made me revisit the fact that material things are not the most important things in the world and it is best not to waste time grieving over them.  I hope that you all enjoy my Christmas pictures and most of all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Bumble Claus
Miss Bumble does not like having anything on her head and I had to put the hat on her while she was sleeping to get a picture.  I could not get her picture in lights because she kept trying to eat the lights.  This picture is from last year.

This is Comet....sweet Comet.  She would pose for pictures and was very easy to work with.  A true professional.

Here we have Benson.  He was a little grumpy when I took this picture.  He was about 12 years old and did not want to put up with my shenanigans.   I am glad that I have this picture of Benson, because it really suits his personality.  He was a bit of a curmudgeon.   He and Comet however were great friends.

This is another shot of Comet.  What a beauty.  I really miss her.

Comet close up.

This is also Comet.  I added the antler and red nose in PhotoShop.  I left the contrail from the plane in the sky because I thought it looked like a Comet.

This is little Miss grumpy Bumble.   She is really giving me the evil eye!   I think she would like to eat a deer and not be a deer.

Even the equines here are put through the embarrassment of posing for a Christmas picture.  Poor little Otis.  I also have pictures of the horses with antlers, but they promised to protest if I posted them.

Here we have little May.  She looks the most upset of all.   I will have to see what I can do this year.  I really want to get a shot of May with lights.  I think it would look neat with the big ears.   I wonder what Otis and Ollie will think.


  1. Absolutely fabulous photos, I'm very inspired to steal all your ideas and molest the whippets with fairy lights!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very festive, all these current and past friends of yours! Although, by some of the expressions, I think maybe you are right, you enjoyed it more than they did. The lights on Zippy and the lights on Benson ...priceless!

  3. Jill,
    This series of photographs is fabulous. In looking back on previous posts, it looks to me like you have many sweet critters and a beautiful place for them to live. Thank you for finding my Journal...I will be checking back...