Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zippy Adventure

I started the day with a walk to see the beautiful snow that we had over the weekend.  The wind was not blowing and temps were in the 40's!  We have not been able to navigate very well, because our driveway is still quite covered.  Brian has been plowing snow for three days.  I took Gus the Labrador, with me because Bumble and Zippy are not tall enough to walk in this snow.  They get bogged down and then try to jump through it.  I will post some pictures of that later.  I did decide to take the short dogs for a walk this evening however.  Brian joined us and we decided to stick to the plowed areas so Bumble and Zippy could walk without getting stuck.

Well....as you can see Zippy had a little adventure.  He took off when we were coming up our drive and I was so worried that he was stuck in the snow somewhere and could not get out.  We back tracked and found him doing this.

Please take note here.  This is probably the only time you will ever see a Bull Terrier and a Bulldog treeing a raccoon.  I am just so happy that the little guy was able to escape and was not hurt in any way.  I was scared that he would jump onto Brian when he reached over to grab Zippy.   Poor little guy.   I had to use my scarf as a leash to get Zippy back up to the house.  

He or she looks so sad.  That is a large raccoon!


  1. A large, very worried looking raccoon. I wonder if he's come down yet? BUT what an adventure for Zippy! (In the snow, he's a little hard to spot...good camouflage).

  2. A bless, he does look a little nervous!!! Great photos.